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What We Do

PassagesEDU Focuses on Five Service Areas:

  1. Christian Leadership Educational Journeys
  2. Missions and Ministry Travel
  3. Corporate Educational Journeys
  4. Ministry First Business Approach
  5. Exceptional Individual, Couple or Family Travel Experiences

Christian Leadership Educational Journeys

The PassagesEDU objective is educating, equipping and encouraging Christian leaders at all levels to bravely take that next step in their Christian leadership role. Home/marriage leaders, business leaders, business owners, and community leaders all have been God-planted in your current position to glory the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Facilitating this growth is our objective, while at the same time providing the best experience available.

Our approach is the concierge approach; we take care of all the details, you enjoy the experience. First-class facilities, leaders, hosts, and experiences come standard with a PassagesEDU Journey.

Each educational Journey has a host couple to assure your experience is World Class, enjoyable and effective. Expert presenters will challenge you and educate you in expanding your area of influence, becoming more effective in your daily Christian walk. Educational sessions, question and answer sessions and peer forums are methods you will experience. No lengthy homework, but rather a relaxing, enjoyable time shared with others who are on the same Journey.

All Journeys have a secondary objective: strengthening your marriage. The foundation of all Christian activities is the family, specifically marriages. Jesus used the marriage covenant as the example between his relationship and the church, showing us how important this foundation is to Him and to our society.

How long has it been since just the two of you had time away, time together just focusing on your relationship? It is our hope you leave our Journeys more deeply committed to each other.


Some of our Journeys will focus more on God’s creation and His gifts to us instead of presented education. New England and Canada fall colors, Italy cooking Journey and others permit us to focus on the World God created just for us. Devotional time will be available for those wishing to partake.


Missions and Ministry Travel

PassagesEDU staff has broad experience in expertly arranging group travel for missions and ministry teams. Let our experience provide the best pricing wrapped by the best service as your team serves those around the World. We secure the best pricing and pass it along to your team with a small flat service charge. If something happens while traveling, our team will intervene and assist in arranging alternative routes with minimal disruption. Let PassagesEDU provide the best service while lessening your responsibility and stress.

Corporate Educational Journeys

What we do for our Christian Leadership Educational Journeys, we can do for your company, association, industry or group. Let us take care of the details. Share with us your Journey objective, goal, desired outcome and potential presenters and we will build a memorable experience for your attendees.

Ministry First Business Approach

After 28 years owning and operating PSST, LLC, a K-12 integration software firm in Louisville, KY, it is true even old dogs can learn new tricks. Connie and I headed out to celebrate our 30 years of marriage when Danny Davis gave me a book to read, “Profits First” by Mike Michalowicz. As the concept of setting aside profit first settled in my brain, I become convinced that Christian businesses should replicate our personal giving by setting aside “first fruits” in business as we do in our personal tithing and gift giving. I kept asking, does God expect more from business stewardship than profit? Taking the “Profit First” approach and applying it to Missions and Ministry, the “Ministry First” business stewardship finance model was born.
The result is a changed standard business formula of Revenue – Expenses = Profit to Revenue – Ministry First = Expenses. It seems simple but putting into practice Biblical principals takes some thought, planning and execution.
If you wish to explore further, please contact Larry and learn how
PassagesEDU is implementing this model.  As a result, a portion of all PassagesEDU revenue goes to support Christian missions and ministry.

Exceptional Individual, Couple or Family Travel Experiences

Would you like someone to help plan that special time away? Our experienced staff will work with you in designing and crafting that special trip. Or perhaps you desire that someone just take care of the details? Our team looks forward to walking with you through this experience, PLUS if something goes wrong or the unexpected happens, the PassagesEDU team is with you.

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